Our Story

Holy cow! You’re here! 

Well, hi, I’m Sylvie, and my spouse Mario and I are the people behind Eclair Lips. Ok “behind” sounds a little creepy, like we’re just peering at you from behind our logo. We’re not creepy, I promise. Quirky is what people like to call us. It means weird, but in a good way. ;-)

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada is where all the lip balm making magic happens, where the dancing and air-drumming while we pack your orders goes down, and where our kids have a blast sticking return address labels on your packages. 

I launched Eclair Lips back in 2015 when I decided it finally was the “perfect time” to start a business. And by “perfect time”, I mean, I realized such a thing would never exist, so I just freakin’ did it. 

Besides, I'd had it with boring natural lip balm and had to do something about it. And I had also had it with working for other people - although I didn’t realize it then, I’m neuro-diverse and I wanted to be the boss of me already and this seemed like a good way to do it!

My first customers were my aunts. They told a few people, who told a few other people and would you believe it, now *you’re* here! God bless those aunts of mine!

But really, we have a sweet thing going now thanks to people talkin’ up our products and it’s pretty darn humbling. 

Since launching in 2015, Eclair Lips has developed a fiercely loyal customer base - who gets just as excited about each new flavour as we do!

The nostalgia of my teen years is one of the huge inspirations behind Eclair Lips. I want you to feel as giddy as 14-year-old me with a fistful of yummy new lip balms when you finally tear into your order. 

And the flavors? They’re inspired by all that is good in the world: desserts, candy, chocolate, ice cream and I wouldn’t dare forget about the coffee! 

As for our formula, it’s made of natural ingredients that would get a thumbs up from even the choosiest mom bloggers out there. Not to mention it’s one of the richest + creamiest around, so you can bet that one swipe will have your lips basking in moisture for hours.

But we’re about more than just flavors and fun around here.

One of our taglines is "May cause unexpected happiness". It's what we hope for our customers when they discover our fun little products, but it's also something that running this business has brought to our family. 

Being a family of folks with differently-wired brains means that we see and do things differently too, and we're so grateful that creating a product that brings a smile to people's faces also gives us the flexibility we need to live our lives on our own terms so that we're free to be ourselves. 

Ok I’ve been chatting up a storm here, and there’s a couple of kids covered in stickers that I need to wrangle, so I’ll let you go. 

Until next time, here’s hoping I’ve made your day a little brighter and maybe even inspired your very own trip down lip balm memory lane.



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