Why Sell a Premium Lip Balm?

No matter what fundraising item you’re selling, the steps are the same - you need to get your group excited, distribute flyers and order forms, and then promote and sell the product to raise money for your organization. And while the percentage of profit you make is important, the price of the product plays just as big a role.

While 40% profit sounds great, on a $3 item, that’s just $1.20 for each one sold.  But when you’re selling a premium product like our lip balms, that 40% adds up a lot faster!

For example, when a group participates in our Order Form Fundraiser, they make 40% on every 4 pc bundle. They sell for $36, so that 40% the organization keeps works out to $14.40!

To make that much with a $3 product, you’d need to sell 10 times more, and just thinking about that is exhausting!

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